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How to Apply Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

How to Apply Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

If you have short hair and want to change a hairstyle, clip-in hair extensions are a quick solution to give you more length and body. Clip-ins give you the flexibility to have whatever hair length you want, regardless of how long your hair actually is, plus they’re easy enough that you can put them in yourself.

Here is a video made by our customer, it will tell you how to apply it :)

If you’re looking to try a trendy, voluminous hairstyle but lack the length and thickness you desire, clip-in hair extensions are a quick solution to fake the look of long and luscious locks. Clip-ins are not difficult to use!
New to hair extensions? Become a pro at using them by following this tutorial.

1. Horizontally section off your hair at the nape of your neck, pinning up the top section of hair.

2. Open the package of clip in hair. Starting in the middle of the sectioned portion, slide the first clip of the weft hair extension into your hair, and secure it in place.

3. Use two more clips to lock in the first hair extension.

4. Let down more hair from the top section, and clip on the next weft hair extension using four clips.

5. Repeat, using a weft hair extension with three clips, until you are finished with the entire section of hair.

6. To apply an extension to the side of your head, pin up a section of hair about an inch above one ear and the clip on a weft hair extension with two clips.

7. Let down some hair over that extension, and clip on a weft hair extenion with one clip. Repeat on the other side of your head.

8. The best way to make the clip in hair etxensions blend into your own hair is to curl them.

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