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How to Wash Tape in Hair Extensions

How to Wash Tape in Hair Extensions

How to Wash Tape in Hair Extensions

Showering with tape in hair extensions requires additional care. If you wanna long-lasting hair, it is important to walk through the maintenance steps. The hair can't be washed at least 48 hours after the hair has been attachment. 

Brush the hair before getting into the shower

To brush the hair 2-3 times every day, Before getting the shower, brush the hair will keep the hair from tangling up. 

Shampoo the hair correctly

Please use the shampoo specially formulated for the hair extensions. When shampooing the hair, start at the root and slowly rub the shampoo downward through the hair. Do not need to shampoo all the way to the tips.

Use a conditioner from the mid-shaft down

Whenever you condition the hair, do not use the "hydrating" conditioner. Especially, do not put them around the adhesive of the Tape-In Hair Extension. Only to moisture the hair from the middle to down. 

Carefully brush the hair and towel dry the hair

Carefully brush the hair after getting out of the shower.  Use a towel to dry the hair starting at the top of the hair and slowly move down the shaft of the hair to the tips. Do not rub the towel, which causes hair tangling. 

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