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Love the look of swishy, long hair, but struggle with installing hair extensions? Can clip and tape be a bit uncomfortable on your sensitive scalp? You don’t have to sacrifice the look you want for the comfort you need –-Halo hair extensions are here for you in the most comfortable and sleek way possible.

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Halo Hair Extension is a type of hair extension. You can get longer and fuller hair if you wear it. They are very suitable for first-time users, easy to put or take out and lighter and healthier, just a few minutes can be wear. The halo hair extension does not need to use tape or glue, but is fixed on your head with a thin and invisible fishing line for easy hiding.

sunny hair,halo hair extensions,halo hair color,wire hair

Easy Installation:Self-install these extensions at home, Instantly thicker and longer hair in a matter of seconds.

Save money : No regular salon visits! Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming appointments re-applying permanent extensions.
No risk : They do not cause any damage to your natural hair. This means you can continue to grow and maintain your hair in the meantime.
Adjustable wire: If the size doesn't fit you, adjust it by tightening or loosening the wire. Each package includes a standby wire. Get beauty and confidence in seconds, instant new look and no one will find your secret.
Convenient: The halo hair extension is the newest type of hair extension that does not attach to your own hair. Instead, it makes use of your head's natural shape and sits comfortably on your head like a crown with a hidden wire. However, your own natural hair will sit on top of the halo, firmly holding it in place.

sunny hair halo hair extensions,halo hair piece invisible hair extensions for thin
Sunny hair,halo hair extensions,halo hair color,human hair extensions,real human hair

How to put in halo hair extensions?

How to Change and Adjust Halo Hair?

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Sunny Hair Halo Hair Extensions Balayage Brown mixed Blonde #4/27/4
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Sunny Hair Halo Hair Extensions No Glue Silky Straight Balayage Brown #2/2/6
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Sunny Hair Halo Hair Extensions Balayage Brown mixed Blonde #6/60/6
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Sunny Hair Halo Hair Extensions Balayage Black to Brown Mixed Blonde