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❤ 18% off over $180 Code: JU18

Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions Virgin Human White Blonde #1000

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Virgin Flat Silk Weft Hair Extension

Sunny hair 100% human virgin hair highest quality hair extension Flat Silk Weft


  • Hair Quantity
  • 50 g/bundle
  • Hair Color
    Color matching service is available.
    • Hair Texture
    Silky straight, would get a little wavy after washing or improper packaging.
      • Hair Quality
      1. 100% real Virgin Flat Silk Human hair, natural, silky, and soft.
      2. Can be curled, straightened, and restyled as your own hair.
      3. Can be dyed, but only from a light color to a darker one, please take ONE piece for testing before dying all the hair.


      Advantages of Virgin flat silk human hair extension

      • No Return Short Hair At The Top Of The Weft

      There is around 0.8"-1" return short hair for machine weft, 1.5"-2" return hair for hand-tied weft, unlike both of these 2 kinds of wefts, flat silk weft has no return short hair at the top of the weft, which will be more comfortable for your clients' own scalp.

      • Stronger After Attaching A Piece Of Silk

      We can not ignore the fact that there's a risk of hair shedding if the returned hair of the machine weft is not handled well, or when you cut the hand-tied weft, as they shed easily. However, flat silk weft perfectly avoids this issue, it will not shed any hair or weaken the strength after attaching a piece of silk because the silk solidified the weft firmly.

      • Ultra-Thin Weft

      Comparing with the machine weft and the hand-tied weft, flat silk weft is quite thinner. As there's no return short hair, the weft is only sealed by extremely thin silk, which makes very comfortable to wear and has no bulky feeling.

      • Cut Freely According To Your Clients' Head Circumference Without Shedding

      Though it will be long weft when you received, your clients' could cut it in any width to match with their head circumference. Don't worry about the shedding, it will not have this issue. It has been specially treated by our factory technicians.

      >Remy Hair VS Virgin Hair<

      Vigrin hair vs remy hair

      >Flat Silk Weft VS Hand-tied Weft<

      virgin Flat silk weft vs virgin  hand tied weft

      >Length Guide<

      virgin weft full cuticle virgin human hair length

      There may be differences in the position of the hair reaching different heights.

      >Color Match<

      Sunny hair provide customer color match

      If you need color custom or match, Please contact

      >Way to Apply<

      How To apply weft hair extenison

      How To apply weft hair extenison

      Sew In

      1. Part your hair
      2. Create a tightly braided braid
      3. Measure and cut the hair extensions
      4. Attach the ends using a need lead thread

      Clip In

      1. Sew clips on the cut weft
      2. Create a horizontal part
      3. Clip the weft to your own hair

      Micro Weft

      1. Create a horizontal part
      2. Measure and cut the weft
      3. Place a micro ring on the needle
      4. Grasp your hair and hair extensions with hook
      5. Squeeze the micro ring firmly with the pliers

      Glue In

      1. Part your hair
      2. Measure and cut the weft
      3. Apply glue on the upper edge of the weft
      4. along your natural hair closest to the scalp to press it until the glue is dried

      >How to Care<

      How to care weft hair extension to extend its life

      1. Take extra time for hair care. Hair extensions tangle easily and extra hair means you'll take longer in the shower. Make sure to account for having more hair in the morning. Give yourself an extra 10 to 15 minutes to get ready every day.
      2. Brush your hair regularly. Extensions are prone to tangling. To keep your hair looking fresh and natural, brush your hair at least twice a day while your extensions are in place.Remember, hair care may take extra time when you're wearing extensions.
      1. Secure your hair overnight. As hair tangles easier, you should secure your hair overnight while wearing extensions. Pull your hair into a loose ponytail or braid it before bed. It can also help to sleep on silk pillows.

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        How to Untangle Knotted Hair Without Damage
        • Regularly wash and condition your hair with gentle products.
        • Avoid sleeping in your hair pieces.
        • Moisturize the ends of your hair with a conditioner or hair oil to prevent dryness and breakage.
        • Get regular trims to avoid split ends.
        • Sleep with your hair tied up or in braids.
        • Allow hair to air dry or use a microfiber towel to avoid breakage.
        • Sleep with a satin pillowcase to keep hair soft and moisturized.

        Some thing you need know about flat hair extension

        • 1) How Is The Flat Silk Weft Produced?
        • It is about a weft sealed by a piece of silk, without return short hair at the top of the weft. Single-layer and double layers are both available and useful, which is up to how much hair your client needs.
        • 2) How To Distinguish It From The Common Wefts?
        • Return short hair
        • The thickness of the weft edge.
        • No return short hair at the top of the weft.
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        >Shipping & Delivery<

        Sunny Hair shipping method is DHL, Fedex, TNT or USPS. We also will choose the appropriate way to express according to your region. the delivery time is 3-5 business days via Fedex, DHL, TNT. 10-15 business days via USPS.

        Fast shipping sunny hair virgin hair extension

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