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Curly Clip Hair Darkest Brown #2

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Curly Clip in Hair Extensions

Hair texture: Kinky Curly

Hair length: 16"-22"

Hair using: Can be curled, straightened, washed and cut.

Hair specification:120/pack (100G Hair and 20G Clips)


According to the needs of customers, Sunny Hair has added some curly clips. The curly clips are our pre-sale products. The factory is rushing to make them. We will decide the order of delivery according to the order time. If you need other color customization or curvature customized, please contact us:

Curly clip in human hair extensions sunny clip in hair

Care for curly clip ins:

Comb your hair extensions with a spacious wired comb before washing.

Use Sulfate-free products to wash your hair in warm water.

Do not Rub or Twist hair when you wash them. Crush straight hair in a downward motion starting with the ends, work your way up to the roots.

Apply conditioner After rinsing off the shampoo.

Please note that when using heating tools, the temperature should not exceed 180 degrees.

Sunny Curly hair extensions clip in

How to choose the color?

Do not worry. We have a free color matching service. You only need to send a few photos of your hair to us. We will help you find the perfect color.

How to tell if it is a real human hair?

You can choose a few hairs to experiment. When you are burning real hair, you will see white smoke and smell scorched feathers. And when you burn synthetic hair, you will see black smoke and smell rotten eggs.

Curly clip in human hair extensions best clip in hair