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Sunny Hair Lucky Draw Begins——100% Awarded

To thank new and returning customers for support,We have a lottery area attached to the card in your package. After receiving the package, remember to find the lottery area on the card.

  • Lottery rules:

    Only buy sunny hair products, the card in the package will attach a Lottery area.

    • Lottery steps:

    Step 1: Place a order and receive your package.

    Step 2: Open the package and find the card inside.
    Step 3: Find the lottery area on the card and scratch it with your nails to see the winning content inside.

    Step 4: Use it (discount coupon) in your next order , or collect corresponding quantity card to contact us to cash a prize.

    • Award category:

    Award category
    • Use Prizes Method:

    Use Prizes Method

    If you have any problems or concerns, please contact us.

    Tips: The content of the lottery area is written by sunny hair. Fake is strictly prohibited. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to sunny hair.